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Who is John Brown?

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 11:10 PM

In February 2017, Yes Weekly interviewed a businessman and political outsider: GSO mayoral candidate John Brown, an entrepreneur, inventor, and owner of Jessup Services in Greensboro. C4GC got a chance to hear from him at a recent Frontline Forum and as a group, we were favorably impressed with his conservative views, his vision for Greensboro, and his success as an entrepreneurial businessman. 

John Brown (he said he's always been called both names) is a former Republican who became frustrated with the many "Republi-crats" who, once elected, seemed more interested in "working across the aisle" than living up to their campaign promises and the basic conservative ideals and stated goals of the Republican platform. So, like many disenfranchised voters, he chose to leave the party to become "unaffiliated". In the 2016 elections, John Brown became involved supporting his candidate of choice for POTUS and has since re-registered as a Republican. This will be his first run for office, but he's in this race to win! As a local business owner, he's grown increasingly frustrated by the lack of vision and leadership in our city. John Brown has been in Greensboro since 1985 and loves the city and its people. He believes Greensboro has a lot going for it that is not being capitalized upon due to the current leadership's focus on special interests. He wants a shot at leading Greensboro toward the unique and prosperous city he knows that it's capable of becoming…instead of an "also ran" or "wannabe" of Raleigh or Charlotte. 

John Brown is convinced that the primary reason Greensboro lags behind at a paltry 1% growth rate is due to a lack of vision at the top, poor leadership, too much cronyism, and excessive spending of the taxpayers' money. His digging into the details of Greensboro's city government has already turned up a lot of things that make you go,"What??".

But why listen to me when you can see him for yourself every week on Spectrum (formerly Time Warner) public access Cable 8? On his self-produced show, "Sinners & Saints of Greensboro," he dives into the details of what's really going on in city government..too often behind closed doors. It's a tell-all and take-no-prisoners approach that explores the depths (and perceived culprits) of some of the issues that plague Greensboro…spiced with some innovative ideas on how they can be resolved! 

Watch John Brown's Sinners & Saints show on Spectrum Cable 8

Wed. 12:30 pm & Fri. 4:30 pm

His shows can also be seen on his website:


~ JWBlasingame