Conservatives for Guilford County

About C4GC

Conservatives for Guilford County (C4GC) began in 2010 when a small group of local Triad residents became frustrated with the growth and direction of government and made a decision to get informed and get involved. Once elected, office-holders in local, state, and federal governments were over-stepping their authority and increasing taxes at an ever-accelerating rate, ignoring campaign promises, as well as those who paid the bills: the American taxpayers. Although not officially designated as a "Tea Party", we identified with the Taxed Enough Already movement that began growing after the elections of 2008.

Within weeks after forming C4GC, co-founders and Greensboro residents, Jodi Riddleberger and Jeff Hyde, along with a few like-minded friends organized the largest "Tea Party" rally in NC at the McDonald Governmental Plaza in downtown Greensboro. That first event attracted over 2000 people. C4GC continued organizing large annual "tax day" rallies in Greensboro through 2014 to call attention to the need for limited, Constitutional government, and to encourage ordinary citizens and voters to get involved and hold their elected officials accountable.

From a small beginning as a handful of friends meeting in a living room, most with no prior political experience, C4GC has become a recognized force affecting local and statewide elections. Our members have regularly made speeches on various issues at city council and county commissioner meetings; interviewed, vetted and endorsed candidates for local, state, and federal offices; produced voter guides for our endorsed candidates; participated in parades and events held by other organizations; walked neighborhoods and worked inside polls as judges, and outside distributing literature for candidates and causes.

On election years, our well-attended candidate forums offer each candidate an opportunity to expand on his/her views, answer questions, and connect directly with members and the public. We typically hold annual fundraisers to support our mission and our endorsed candidates. With our volunteerism and support, several of our members and endorsed candidates have been elected to local, state and Congressional offices.

At our monthly Frontline Forums, we have featured various speakers and programs that offer opportunities for the public to become informed and educated on many political/social issues and trending topics that affect our families, our lives and our future as Americans.

Although C4GC leadership has transitioned a few times over the years, we remain a team of grassroots, non-partisan political activists. We are a registered PAC supporting candidates who exhibit fiscal responsibility and socially conservative ideals, values, and principles. We work to promote government that operates within the bounds of the Constitution, and to hold those we elect accountable to these standards.